Our Studio has one single objective – to help every successful person to become even more successful and feel that (s)he is in full control of the circumstances while moving forward.

We are the right thing for you if you

  • Want to achieve more
  • You feel that you are ready to get to the next stage but don’t know how
  • You have too many priorities and struggle to make a choice
  • You life and work balance is not exactly as you want it to be

We work with modern and well proven coaching tools and  “wings spreading” systems. We work with people that are at various developmental stages – welcoming everybody from beginners to mature gurus.

The specialty of our Studio is program for young women who want to have fulfilled and balanced life where there is time and space for everything, be it career, family, friends and of course herself.

We also designed the “JUMP” program for professionals who are flying high already and aspire to move to the next stage of their  professional development.

We pay all special attention to the business leaders and adapt our coaching programs depending on their needs. We are very flexible in terms of timing and geography.

It’s not a secret that coaching helps to unleash the potential of the person. To get to this result active and hard work is required.  We believe in the power of discipline and attention to every detail.

However, coaching will never be successful if there is no “chemistry” between the parties. It’s extremely important that coach and coachee do want to move forward together. From the very early stage of our cooperation we seek to understand whether we are the right support to your success story.

Coaching is proven to be very strong and effective developmental tool. Here are a few facts:

  • Companies that actively use coaching consider ROI from it at 500%! 8 out of 10 business leaders who have been through coaching program say that they really benefited from it and 96% of the leaders believe that coaching should be available to employees at all levels (source: http://executivecoach.ru).

American Society for Training & Development  says that Companies worldwide invest more than $ 2 bln into personnel training programs, but 50-90% do not deliver any result. Coaching helps to increase learning effectiveness by 4 times (source: http://executivecoach.ru).